A Traditional Full-Service Architectural Firm

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Fletcher Jones Motorcars Newport Beach California

L.W. Pettett Architects is a traditional full-service Architectural firm specializing in commercial, retail, automotive, and industrial projects of all sizes.  With extensive knowledge of construction types and procedures in California,  we are experienced in new construction as well as alterations and additions to existing facilities.

Traditional Services include:

  • Site Schematics and Feasibility Studies;
  • Graphic Presentations;
  • Entitlement Phase submittals and support;
  • Design Development;
  • Structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical engineering;
  • Coordination of Owner’s consultants;
  • Preparation of Construction Documents, including specifications;
  • Bid/Negotiation Phase assistance;
  • Construction Administration.





With construction costs at record low levels, and the fact that the market is bound to recover, it’s prudent to plan for future construction now than to wait for prices to rise later.

Top Image:  Fletcher Jones Motorcars, Newport Beach, California.
Lead Architect/Designer:  James R. Harris
Project Architect:  L. W. Pettett
Structural Engineers:  S.A. Abu-Dayyeh Associates, Walstadt Engineering
Mechanical Engineers:  Orlando Ludovise, F.T. Andrews, Inc., Terry Engineering
Electrical Engineers:  FBA Electrical Engineering, Engineering Associates
Landscape Architect: Malefyt Land Planning
Civil Engineer:  K.W. Lawler Associates
Interior Design:  Bauer & Wiley
Contractor:  Hinnewinkle Construction
Contractor for subsequent Additions and Alterations:  R. W. Lewis Builders

I picked a great time to open my own office.  Actually, the time was picked for me, as James R. Harris retired, closing his office on 31 December 2008.  I took over the office lease on 1 March 2009.

I’ve worked with Jim Harris/Harris Architects/Harris Pettett & Kent since 1985.  Harris Architects specialized in Automotive Dealerships/Service/Parking Facilities for decades without the need to advertise.  That’s how efficient we were.

As a staff architect, I was the Architect of Record for many of Harris’ projects, including several of the largest automotive dealerships in the world.

So here I am, with 30 years of design and construction experience, starting my own firm in a sour economy.  One retired wag told me, “It’s never a good time to start a business,” and he’s exactly right.

My response was, “So What.”  There are still businesses that need to expand, need to upgrade their existing facilities, even in a slow market.


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